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"FSO is the new sound of the low country. A playful and refreshing collaboration of cultures, this duo breaks traditional boundaries of musical genres. Ever hear a Led Zeppelin song performed by a classically trained Kazakhstan Violinist? You'll Want To Now!!!"

                                 -South Magazine

"They make So much sound!!! It's like a complete orchestra!! Amazing! FSO works their interpretations of Vivaldi to Radiohead leaving the listener gooseflesh and speechless..  a sonic liberation and a Must See!!"

                                                     -WRUU Radio

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Jekyll Island 75th Anniversary Festival

Jekyll Island 75th Anniversary Festival


Free Spirits Orchestra is husband and wife, Butch Braddy and Aiman Beibitbayeva.

FSO takes musical styles from all over the world and brings them together! Making a FSO show, a trip around the world!!! From Rock music of Led Zepplin to an Argentine Tango! AC/DC to Gypsy Jazz! Michael Jackson to an Irish Jig! WilIie Nelson and Ray Charles Americana to a Russian love song! Alternative hits of Radiohead and The Cure to south of the border Mexican mariachi! Guns & Roses to Latin Salsa! Coldplay to a French number where you feel you are in a café in Paris! Come on Eileen to a Mid-Eastern tune where you can see the camels walking thru the desert, thru your mind’s eye! If you think our Charlie Daniels fiddle songs are good wait til you here the traditional songs of Kazakhstan! Pink Floyd tunes that will take you to the Dark Side of the Moon. Oh, and our spin on Classical Tunes too!

Not only is the music styles Eclectic…but also how the music is made! Free Spirits Orchestra is a duo of violin and percussion! The concept of violin and percussion may seem odd ….but after a bit of work, it became a great idea!!! The two combined their musical backgrounds to create something completely different, mixing all styles of music in nonconventional ways! Eclectic!!

Modern electronic instrument effects as well as double stop violin technique help create the fullness of the sound. FSO believes in “real music” and uses no prerecorded sounds! All the music is created by FSO!!! While performing a live radio show the host commented “The sound is so full, you sound like an orchestra.” “Orchestra” was then added to the name….Free Spirits Orchestra!  


The Beautiful Aiman plays violin! She was born and raised in Almaty, Kazakhstan (a former state of the U.S.S.R). Aiman attended violin conservatory from four until twenty four years of age. After conservatory, she earned first chair violin position with the Almaty National Symphony Orchestra where she toured the world several times. Aiman was very popular throughout her country and played for the President of Kazakhstan, a very cool honor! (She’s a Rockstar in her home country!) 

 Percussion is played by Butch. Butch is not as pretty as Aiman …but holds his own. Born and raised in Georgia (U.S.A), he got a very early start in music. Forming groups with relatives and friends, playing birthday parties, school recesses and assemblies, Easter egg hunts, family reunion’s…any place people had to listen! As a freshman in high school, Butch’s band “Jorja,“ recorded a single that became a major regional hit! Butch played his way thru college and toured nationally and internationally with his band “Positions“, as well as other groups. Butch is a collector of vintage drums and a drum builder and designer.  Butch uses his popular “Hobo Drum Kit” he designed and built himself for FSO! Eclectic!